Satan’s Manuscript is at my House

I have been going through boxes of family paperwork and photos from one of our relative’s storage units. My job was to scan this material and distribute to all family members electronically. These materials contain family photos, insurance documents, burial plot details, etc that go back to the late 1800’s. One box was filled with things that did not belong to our family. In this box everything had price tags on it with a receipt. The box had been purchased at an estate sale in northwest Ohio about 50 years ago, so this box was easy to go through. I tossed most of it because we were not related to anyone in documents/photos. However, in this box was a neatly tri-folded 15-page hand-written short story dated from the 1800’s, it was called The Million Dollar Kid. I was so excited to read something written from so long ago, the entire manuscript was written in a delicate cursive in faded pencil and the whole thing was so fragile and old – very cool. The writing and penmanship struck me as being penned by a woman and the story is from the point of view of a teenage girl. The intro was normal enough but unfortunately, as I continued reading, I realized the story was delving into the most disgusting, vile, horrific mess of horror I had ever laid my eyes on.

I have been alive for a VERY long time and I have read, seen and heard some pretty bad things in my day but this manuscript goes beyond anything I could have imagined spawning from the human mind. Needless to say, I was not content with shredding it or throwing it away. I classified it as material that must be set on fire as to ensure complete destruction. I added it to the small pile of items to shred like check stubs and bank statements I had set aside from other boxes.

At the end of the day when I finished scanning, I proceeded to burn the manuscript….but it would not burn. The attached photo shows what it looks like right now after multiple attempts. This afternoon I will attempt to burn it again, if it does not burn this time (with a boatload more of multiple accelerants on it) then I am calling a priest.

You know, I pretty much consider myself the queen of horror, but I must say this little experience has freaked me out considerably. If something happens to me today, you will know it was obviously evil forces at play:)

Published by jennycoder

I am a computer programmer. When I'm not happily coding way I am writing spooky stories for Halloween, reading, attempting to ice skate, playing chess poorly, metal detecting or knitting.

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