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Spooky fog in Raleigh, NC

During the rainy cold months of winter, Raleigh, NC showcases some of the spookiest fog around (or maybe it might just be GHOSTS). The photos below were captured on a wireless night vision security camera during the month of December 2020 in Raleigh, NC. Enjoy:) Here is also video footage from one of these creepyContinue reading “Spooky fog in Raleigh, NC”

Coats, North Carolina

Our first investigation of 2021 will be in Coats, North Carolina. Preparations over the next two months will involve researching the history of the site and interviewing frequent visitors of the site by phone. The actual site visit will then take place in order to gather data for review and discussion. Any information deemed relevantContinue reading “Coats, North Carolina”

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